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"; echo $addings; //echo "Printer friendly 20,208,488 articles and books periodicals literature keyword title author topic member login user name    password     remember me join us forgot password? The free library > business and industry >  construction and materials industries >  hvac & r research >  march 1, 2009 the free library >  date >  2009 >  march >  1 >  hvac & r research editorial: cryosurgery: an emerging application for low-temperature refrigeration. Cryosurgery refers to the application of very low temperatures to undesirable tissue, typically cancerous tumors, in order to destroy it. viagra for sale cheap Cryosurgery is a medical technique that has existed for more than a century. However, recent advances in cryosurgical devices, medical imaging, and understanding of the physical mechanisms that lead to tissue destruction have expanded the number of conditions that can be treated using some form of cryosurgery. viagra for women yahoo The challenges faced by those working on cryosurgical systems are largely engineering challenges that are familiar to the refrigeration engineer, and therefore this is an exciting technology area where the hvac&r and medical device development industries overlap. buy viagra without prescription Cryosurgery cryosurgery has been used since the mid-nineteenth century to treat cancer tumors located near the surface of the skin. As cryosurgical device technology has improved, the use of cryosurgery has been extended to treat tumors that are located in more proximal locations. viagra cost bangkok Cryosurgery offers several benefits over other forms of treatment. buy viagra soft online The use of relatively small cryosurgical devices localizes the tissue damage and makes the process less invasive than excision. generic viagra without prescription The very low temperatures that are involved reduce blood loss and post-surgery discomfort. viagra vs viagra 2012 Unlike radiation treatment or chemotherapy, it is possible to repeat the application of cryosurgery many times. Many have heard of the use of cryogenic temperatures for the preservation of living cells, referred to as cryopreservation. Cryosurgery is distinguished from cryopreservation according to the details of the freezing process. Cell death occurs when either very slow or very rapid cooling rates are used. Slow cooling rates lead to the formation of extracellular ice while the intracellular fluid remains, for a time, unfrozen. The difference in the osmotic pressure that results causes water flow out of the cell, leading to death by dehydration. viagra generic Very rapid cooling rates are used in cryosurgery in order to cause the formation of ice crystals in the intracellular fluid, rupturing the cell walls. viagra without a doctor prescription Multiple freeze/thaw cycles are often used to ensure complete treatment. Cry. generic viagra canada viagra 100 sale ".$keywords.""; ?>