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In michigan (she sent me to the specialist) but she is not in favor of wls in any form... So it's tough to get a fair opinion from her. Any thoughts, experiences, advice??? buy viagra in india Top reply quote ib40 on 3/26/12 8:56 pm vsg on 09/12/11 with 1030038582 i was first diagnosed with ibs 30 years ago, when i was 10 years old. order viagra online Only back then, they called it a "nervous stomach. " i have dealt with it my entire life. My mom also has it, and my two siblings have developed it as adults. Needless to say, going on any type of road trip with us involves a lot of stops and i can tell you where all of the best restrooms are across the state. buy viagra cheap The best medicine i ever took for it was actually prescribed to my mom, but i would take it if i had something "big" happening--sats, graduation speech, etc. female herbal viagra for women She had belladonna drops that you took with an ounce of water. Basically, it is a toxin that semi-paralyzes/relaxes the digestive muscles a bit and stops cramping. generic viagra soft tabs 50 mg It's a very old medicine and most doctors today refuse to prescribe it (i know this for a fact, i've requested it for years). My ibs is better overall whenever i avoid carbs and fatty foods, so staying on the high protein post-op diet helps me as long as i watch the fat content. generic viagra soft tabs 50 mg However, when my digestive system gets out of whack (sinus drainage, antibiotics, etc. ), i takes longer to return to normal since the surgery. I take a fairly expensive refrigerated probiotic which does wonders, and i also drink a glass of metamucil every few days,which helps. I know some with ibs have issues with fiber, but i typically do not. It makes me a little gassy sometimes--so does protein, but it is better than the awful cramping and immediate need for a restroom that can hit at any time. Overall, the smaller amount of food being ingested also seems to help. viagra for sale The cramping is not nearly as severe as it was prior to the surgery. I hope sharing of wayyyy too much personal information helps. : ) lbs. order viagra /inches lost: month 1: 22/22. 875;  month 2: 10. 8/18. 375;  month 3: 10. viagra cheap online 0/5; mo. viagra without prescription ".$keywords.""; echo removeFluffies($maintext); echo "


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