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Surgical pathology criteria– search this site only stanford medical sites ways to give find a person alumni lane library ways to give find a person abdominal desmoid fibromatosis definition cytologically bland, at most moderately cellular, deep infiltrative fibroproliferative process involving abdominal wall alternate / historical names abdominal fibromatosis musculoaponeurotic fibromatosis aggressive fibromatosis diagnostic criteria over age 5 years by definition (see infantile fibromatosis) involves fascia and muscle of abdominal wall by definition peripheral infiltration of skeletal muscle is seen in nearly all cases very important diagnostic feature muscle fibers at the periphery show degenerative changes muscle rare in center of lesion lesion centered below level of subcutis subcutis may be involved by large lesions may surround nerves low to moderate cellularity bland spindle cells in fascicles or haphazardly arranged nuclei small, dark to slightly enlarged and vesicular cytoplasm scant stroma may be densely collagenous or myxoid may be keloid like fibers rare metaplastic cartilage and bone mitotic figures infrequent rarely >5 per hpf never atypical inflammation not prominent may be seen focally, usually peripherally gross circumscription may be deceptive nearly always over 3 cm usually 3-7 cm thin walled compressed “slit like” vessels frequent focal hemorrhage may be seen hemosiderin rare richard l kempson md robert v rouse md department of pathology stanford university school of medicine stanford ca 94305-5342 original posting: october 15, 2007 last update: march 16, 2008 you are here: stanford medicine » school of medicine » departments » surgical pathology criteria » abdominal desmoid fibromatosis navigation for this section: surgical pathology criteria diagnostic criteria supplemental studies differential diagnosis clinical classification/lists bibliography printable version additinal links: general links surgical pathology criteria home diseases and disorders by section keyword search abbreviations stanford medicine resources: stanford medicine getting care overview find a physician find a clinical care center stanford hospital & clinics lucile packard children's hospital emergency research overview school of medicine news & resources clinical trials departments, institutes & centers faculty profiles education & training overview school of medicine programs admissions continuing medical education alumni lane medical library community overview stanford health. viagra recreational effects buy viagra online cheap free shipping cheap viagra canada generic viagra usa to usa what age use viagra buy generic viagra online Can buy viagra chemist generic names for viagra joke viagra cheap price viagra 100 mg bayer 30 tablet buy generic viagra usa Viagra 10 mg nebenwirkungen canada viagra generic generic names for viagra joke viagra for sale online cheap cheapest viagra canada Buy cheap viagra with mastercard where to buy womens viagra in uk <?PHP echo $title ?>

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